Web and Graphic Design
This department houses AL’s web developers, design and layouts team and artists. The IT department designs and build African Laughter’s and client’s websites and software; designs and layouts for African Laughter’s and client’s magazines, brochures, leaflets, logos and other materials as commissioned.
Besides our own websites, African Laughter has built mobile phone applications and software for multiple clients, including for the world’s largest ad agency, TBWA.
African Laughter has unlimited and completely secure hosting capacity, on servers held in the UK.
During 2012, African Laughter additionally launched its own range of mobile phone apps. Based on its proprietary Repute software platform, and including PRPro and TrackAll, which monitor social and mainstream media coverage, and JawJaw and Artmover, which act as email bypasses, delivering marketing and operational materials direct to specified phone lists.
We have also built many websites for clients (Red Cross, Pepfar Kenya, Noket, HassConsult, Onami, etc). The department also handles our web hosting service, across a client list including large organizations such as Pepfar, and through 2011 KenyaBuzz, Cubemovers, Broadband Engineering etc.